The baby and the book

First thing first…many of you might have suspected why I’ve been so remiss about updating recently and you’d be right…Baby 2 has arrived! He was five days late and HUGE – 9 pounds, 4 oz. Since everyone told us he was likely to be born three weeks early and he was nearly a week late, he’s already acting like a one month old, raising his head, making cooing noises and almost back to his birth weight in just a week’s time. Labour went as smoothly as labour can and for that I’m singing the praises of my incredible midwives (unlike the midwives I had for the birth of Kid 1 whom I also had some choice words for). Kid 1 is getting used to the whole thing and we’re all re-adjusting our lives around our new little love. This has meant that there has been little time for anything non baby-related aside from eating and sleeping…and even those are now technically baby-related.

Work on the WIP has ground to an almost-halt. I have to say almost because, despite the severe lack of sleep lately, it continues to percolate in the back of my head and glare at me from my computer on a daily basis, accusing me of not working on it. Originally I had planned to give it more time…wait until we are on a semi-regular schedule and the little one is taking semi-regular naps and hopefully I’d then have the presence of mind to work on it more significantly. And that’s still the plan. But I also have concern with summer holidays creeping up soon, which will put Kid 1 home with me every day and will likely cut my writing time down to nearly nothing between the two of them. So, for now, I have started a very slow edit – just one or two pages a day. That way, once I do have a little more time to devote to it, I’ll have at least made a dent and won’t suddenly feel pressured to try to work on ten pages a day or something when I’m still likely to be juggling schedules and sleep deprivation.

As this post has now been sitting on my computer this morning I think I’ll just post it, rather than trying to come up with some sort of witty wrap-up.