Doing a little dance whilst I hide under the bed

Draft Two is finished! I’m not entirely certain whether I should be dancing around the room or hiding under my bed. Well, I probably don’t need to hide under the bed until I send it to readers so, for now, I’ll do a quiet little dance in my head.

Finishing this draft did not go as planned. Originally I’d hoped to finish it by last Friday and I probably could have except I started getting paranoid about some dialogue. One of my characters speaks somewhat more formally than the rest (he’s royalty, leave him alone) and I started worrying that I’d made his dialogue TOO formal. So in typical writer-who-is-not-willing-to-finish-her-draft fashion, I went back through every bit of his dialogue to make sure it sounded natural. In doing this I discovered that I don’t actually use a lot of dialogue. And so, by the end of Friday night, I’d checked up on half of it. I figured I’d be done by the weekend then.

Nope. Weekend didn’t go at all as planned. I was supposed to attend a friend’s wedding shower, spend the remainder of the weekend with my parents and get home relatively early on Sunday. Instead, I went to the shower, came home, we decided to go to my parents’ place for Sunday only instead. Any writing time I would have had on Saturday night was taken up by Baby D and his decision to stay up until midnight and on Sunday morning the kids let us sleep in (of course on a morning when we wanted to be up early), so we didn’t get to my parents’ place until the afternoon. And then we got home late. I got a little bit done last night but otherwise my writing productivity for the weekend was terrible. But this morning, lo and behold, Baby D has slept in. And I not only got through the rest of the dialogue, I also went back over what I’d looked at last night because I wasn’t sure I’d done a very good job.

And so, it is now 9am and Baby D is still sleeping and draft two is done. As a friend just told me: “there’s no escaping it now.”

And as I told her: “Gah.”

I wonder how many days it will take me to ramp up the courage to send it out to readers? 😉

So now I guess it’s on to working on that short and ramping up my productivity with editing my friend’s manuscript. I also have writing class and my writing group starting up again next week, so I don’t know that my workload is actually going to decrease at all but I do feel pretty awesome to have passed that milestone.

And on that note, Baby D is up. Perfect timing.


8 thoughts on “Doing a little dance whilst I hide under the bed

  1. I don’t think it should take that long to get the ms out to friends, as they’re going to know you’re done *hintnudgehint* *stares at her empty box*

    Congrats on getting that done, and I’m glad you have the short to work on and class to keep you occupied while this is out with readers. There’s a reason I’m always working on stuff when I send ms’s to readers. I know what will happen if I don’t. It isn’t pretty. :p

    • I still have to PDF it, as well as set up what I want you guys to look out for. Also I’m not ready yet. Also I’m scared. 😛

      Believe me, if I didn’t have class or the short story I would still have PLENTY to keep me occupied. In fact, I’m not really expecting my time to free up at all.

      • I meant keep you busy writing, not all the other stuff. I know that life keeps you busy. 🙂

        As for scared, I doubt that will change for any reason, no matter how long you wait. I know I was terrified when I sent you and SJ Bound. You do it anyway because you have to. *poke, nudge*

        • Well I still have to PDF it and write up that watch-out list. So there. Believe me I can make that take WEEKS.

          BTW, up to about page 140 on Bound now.

          • I will keep prodding you, you know. Want. Story. Now.

            Oh, cool! We really should schedule a phone call. Given the time differences and you’re busy life, I suspect that’s the only way it’s going to happen 🙂 *runs off into the corner to bite cuticles as the nails are long gone*

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