Still here! Really!

Neglecting my blog, you say?  Whatever do you mean?

In my defence, last week got completely derailed by a very sick bunny and then -on  the same night – kid 1 getting sick as well.  Kid 1 is fine now and as for bunny…we’ll see.  He’s responding well to his medication but there’s still some question about what all of this ultimately means that I don’t want to think about.

On the upside, before any of this happened I had already hit word count for last week.  And I’m really glad about that since I didn’t get any writing done on Friday (looking after sick kid 1 all day), or Saturday (trying to keep no-longer-sick kid entertained all day since he still wasn’t allowed to be ‘around people’) or Sunday (trying to catch up on all of the little things that didn’t get done on Friday or Saturday).  All of that meant that I felt like I started this week somewhat behind the eight ball.

Word count this week – Sunday aside – is, however, going remarkably well.  Yesterday’s quota was 2000 words and I managed 6373, which is a record for me on this project.  Today’s was 1000 (since I was out for most of the morning) and I did 2800.  That means that I’m more than halfway into my quota for the week already.  Not that I’m going to stop or relax about it or anything, but it’s always nice to have productive days.  I’m both excited and nervous about the next sections as it is one of the few parts where I’ll be completely branching into new territory – the next two sections (at least) are not even loosely based on MS1 or MS2.  Even if the previous sections have been completely rewritten, I usually have the ‘original’ beside me, even as a very rough guide.  These next parts are completely original and not stemming from either…I’m stopping myself from getting started on them this afternoon only because I think another night of mulling them over in my head would probably do me some good.

(That being said, I might very well start in on it today.)