(Note: I apologize if this double-posts…it didn’t post on my main page the first time…)

Guess what? I have news. And real news, not just hey I wrote five hundred words today.

I am PUBLISHED. That’s right. I got up my nerve, submitted a short story and then promptly hid under the couch. And a couple of weeks ago I received my acceptance letter. And so, without further ado, here is my first published piece:

The Heartbox

Needless to say, I am absolutely giddy about this.

Writing and editing has kept me ridiculously busy over the past while. I have three pieces a week to edit for my crit class (when I don’t have one due, as I do next week), plus I’ve been driving really hard to finish up this draft of the novel…I think this is draft 6. I should actually be done it today and then I have absolutely no excuse to not begin to querying process. I still have to do my print-edit and my out-loud edit but I can work on those while the query is out there. I’ve also started Book 2 for this series, as well as a completely unrelated book that has been well-received by my crit class. So yes, busy. But not complaining.

And yes, I’m a redhead once again – I always go back. And I love it. I feel so much more “me” like this!