How Mondays *should* be.

After a dragging myself through a bit of a writing slough last night – busy all day and then utterly drained by the time I sat down at my keyboard – today went remarkably well.  I set my normal wordcount of 2500 for a non-kid day and had upped it to 2600 to make up for the fact that half of last night’s work was actually rework.  By noon I had hit 3600.  I’ve reached a part that I really like, so rewriting it in the new style came very easily.  The subsequent few sections should follow a similar pattern, and then I’m going to reach a point where the piece will have to diverge into something completely new; and I’m quite looking forward to getting there. As such, I predict that this will be a productive week…I hope I’m right!

Getting all of that done by noon meant that I felt absolutely no guilt about (finally!) ripping open my copy of Carol Berg’s Daemon Prism when it (finally!) arrived and (finally!) devouring the first chunk of it.  (I’ve been waiting for this one for a while, in case you couldn’t tell).  And thus I lost myself in the bliss of a truly enjoyable book…at least until the prevalent sunbeam on the sofa (and third trimester exhaustion) knocked me out.  Though I’ve only just started it, I’m as thoroughly impressed as ever.  Carol is, as always, an inspiration.

Finally, last night I dreamt that I went to another Algonkian conference.  And while I would certainly go through it attend another one, such  did not make for a restful night. However, perhaps said dreams had something to do with today’s productivity.  Hmmm.