Productivity! Huzzah!

Last night I thought I had about fifteen minutes before my husband was coming up, so I grabbed my notebook and began to pen a short story that’s been on my mind. I wrote the first chunk of this story in one of Brian Henry’s phenomenal classes last year and have been most aggravated to be unable to find that excerpt now that the idea has bitten me once more. ¬†For weeks I’ve been meaning to jot down some notes about this (and about another short that’s been bouncing around in my head) but just haven’t managed it. So last night when some actual phrases came to mind, I took advantage and just started writing. Well, it turned out that my husband wasn’t just taking out his contacts – he was doing work. As such, he didn’t come up for an hour. And I wrote nearly 800 words. Was it phenomenal prose? No. It was first draft work (and very first draft work) and I have to bear that in mind especially since I’m into a second draft editing stage of the novel where the prose is leaps and bounds better than this. But that all started somewhere too. And when that one started, it probably read a lot like what I wrote last night.

Then, this morning in the shower I decided to change the main character in this short from a man to a woman and by the afternoon I’d managed to not only type out what I’d written (in the new character’s voice) but I also added a bit. This short is now over 1200 words! And I think I know where I want it to go. The question now is whether or not I’ll manage to rein it in before I have another novel on my hands.

I’ve also had a great deal of success with the novel editing over the past few days. At the moment I have nine of those ‘highlight’ sections left (I started with 33). Now these are nasty edits, where I may have to go through the manuscript and put in little lead ups and things of that sort. But nonetheless, I’ve gone from 33 to 9 in just a few days, so I’m probably going to only tackle one or two a day from here on in. And then yes: draft two will be done! (and¬†apparently I didn’t need to wait for draft two to be done to throw myself into an unrelated piece.)

So in the past few days I’ve managed to get down 1200 words of a short, and blow away a large number of the more difficult sections of editing. Go me! I think I’ll give the fact that I returned to yoga this week after a (too) long hiatus at least part of the credit. My small town didn’t have any prenatal options while I was pregnant with Baby D (of course NOW they do) and then it took a while for me to convince myself that I had the energy to work out at all. They put me through a brutal time but it was worth every second and I’m hoping to be able to make time for it at least once a week now, if not twice. And hey, if it ups my writing productivity that would be one hell of a side bonus!

Right now I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that this ramped-up creativity continues for my writing group tonight. It’s our last meeting of the summer, but come mid-Sept we’ll be back at it, plus I’ll be in another of Brian Henry’s classes. Very much looking forward to such a writing-intensive autumn!